Thursday, 10 February 2011

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Impassioned and interesting debate re. the practice of reviewing previews. Little to be added save this -

It is pernicious to attempt to apply a code of conduct, or indeed any form of standards or structure to the process of reviewing over the internet. The choice rests with the reader. As a example - I knew that I would not like Spiderman: Turn off the Dark after this Whereas I knew it would be unlikely to be judged as excellent by a more mainstream audience after this: -

The internet revolution allowed us to become our own editors - we must trust audiences to do this.

Why this is important is better explained through the work of Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw on videogames over at The Escapist. By being cynically honest (although obviously passionate about the industry he reviews) Yahtzee gives a accurate run-down of the standards of the games he reviews - fanboys, developers and industry PR don't appreciate the lack of hype - but for a particular end reader (who is none of the above) his work punctures a industry that for too long has been self referential and wildly inaccurate about its products.

Internet blogging must remain a free market to allow a free narrative to permeate - as soon as we decide to start trying to impose practices upon each others blogs (however noble and well meaning we are) we are taking a step towards neutering the very thing that makes the internet and blogging important.

We must trust the readers judgement, otherwise we end up with this anachronistic horseshit:



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