Friday, 18 February 2011

red eye / fringe
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Rehearsing tonight I had a striking experience.

The final hour of rehearsal ran between 22.30 - 23.30, it was the only time that I could get the actors in the room together (rehearsing a cast of 18 is a total nightmare logistically). As I sat down to rehearse the scene I realized the actor I was working with had bloodshot eyes - the same as I did.

This weekend is a heavy one for me - I rehearsed till 23.30 tonight I'm back in at 10.00 - 18.00 tomorrow then onto the "day" job for 5-6 hrs of rigging, after as much sleep as I can get I then have to tech/dress three one hour Shakespeare productions.

Looking at the actor I realized that I just had to suck it up because whatever her circumstances were she was working just as hard as me.

As I thought back across rehearsal period I realized that there was only one performer that wasn't working a full time day job as well as this project.

In the article Anthony Alderson sings the praises of the fringe as a place of artistic creation. We must be acknowledge and be proud of this.

But more than this all those of us who are out there making the fringe work should be proud that we endure and stay with it when it would be so easy and understandable if we quit and went home to bed. We're tough fuckers (in a privileged first world society kind-of-way)and we should be proud, (and whilst I will be happy to be corrected by anyone who knows better) I don't believe it was this tough for the last couple of generations of theatre makers that came before us.

I'm 26 and I've given myself four years to make decent progress in this industry and if I don't I'll quit - you have to be realistic - this won't pay a mortgage.

Whether I succeed or not I will always be happy and proud I tried.

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